Which Photo Booth Rental is Right For You

Now that you have decided to have a photo booth for your wedding reception, corporate event, birthday party, or another fun occasion that is giving you a reason to celebrate. The next question becomes what kind of photo booth is the right one for your event. At SnapShot AZ we do a lot of different photo booths all around the Phoenix area and wanted to break your options down for you.

Open-Air Photo Booth

Among the most popular types of photo booths, this booth-less photo station will involve a camera on a tripod or table. It might come with a background and wedding photo booth props, or just the camera itself. Some people like to create their own custom backdrop. Depending on which option you choose, you can have someone there managing the booth or you can have your guests take their own picture by simply pressing a button. The pictures can be printed or digital depending on your preference.

Old-School Photo Booth

This is the classic mall photo booth. It is a cozy setting where typically guests make funny faces and end up with a printout of their shenanigans. It is also a great space for a couple to get a few cute pictures together.

Green Screen Photo Booth

With a green screen photo booth, your guests can pick their backdrop and then animate themselves accordingly. They could be in space, a country cottage, on a beach, or at your wedding ceremony. Depending on which green screen they choose. These screens can be changed with the click of a button, so throughout the night the screen choices and animation tend to get sillier and sillier.

Selfie Mirror

This modern type of wedding photo booth looks like a full-length mirror, but with a swipe of the touch screen, it turns into your very own selfie station! It’s super straightforward to use and allows for easy sharing on social media.

Camper Photo Booth

If your party theme leans more boho, then a camper-style photo booth might be the perfect finishing touch to your event. A vintage camper is refurbished into a photo booth, creating a unique experience for your guests. This type of photo booth works particularly well at outdoor events and can make for some fun photos in and around the booth! We did a party last year utilizing this booth for a 70’s themed event and it was a huge hit!


A photo booth can be a great addition to any party or event. Choosing the right one that matches the vibe you are trying to achieve is important. Contact us at SnapShot AZ to discuss which photo booth is right for you. You can call us at 602-643-3869 or email us for a free quote and some suggestions on how we can make your party what you are envisioning it to be. We serve all of the Phoenix area. This includes Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today!



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