Cute Wedding Reception Photo Booth Ideas

A photo booth is a great idea for your wedding reception. It allows your guests to interact with one another and let loose throughout the night. Even though you probably have a wedding photographer, photo booth pictures are different because they aren’t as elegant. They show a more fun side to your wedding and what your guests were doing behind the scenes. You also get copies of all of the photo booth photos, so you can add them to your wedding photo collection.

Now that you have decided to have a photo booth, you don’t want it to be plain and not match the vibe of your wedding.  The cuter and more themed the photo display the more apt your guests will be to share the photos onto their social media accounts. Below are some ideas that we at SnapShot AZ have seen work wonderfully for wedding receptions.

The Modern and Green Look

If you want a modern yet natural setting then use a hedge wall. Hedge walls are becoming super popular because they’re so beautiful and easy to use. Customize your hedge wall with a just married banner, or block letters of your new last name and you’ve got a modern, minimalist design that still makes a statement.

The Rustic and Elegant Look

Rustic and elegant is such a great style combination. Go rustic with a wooden backdrop and some antique decor, but keep it elegant with pops of white and bright lights. You can even include pops of your wedding colors by adding flowers to the mix.

The Simple and Sweet Look

We love simple, yet elegant designs for our wedding reception photo booths. Incorporating a base color on a tapestry with just a few accents like stripes, polka dots, or flowers is simple and sweet! When going the simple route, there’s no need to even include any writing, but your wedding date is always a nice reminder to the guests when the photo was taken. This can be displayed on a wooden sign or the backdrop. Whichever suits you.

The Bold and Beautiful Look

This look is great for the bride that wants to really stand out. The key here is to have big, bold props like giant flower displays that have your guests talking.  These bold props are more likely to get shared on social media because they have the “cool” factor. You can also do this by having a whole wall of flowers as your backdrop!

The Fun and Let’s Party Look

If you are having a fun and exciting wedding then complimenting it with a fun photo booth is probably your style. Props do just that. They allow your guests to have fun and pick what silly item they want to pose with. This could be a big hat, ridiculous sunglasses, or even an umbrella!  Let your guests entertain themselves by picking out what suits them best and they’ll have a great time taking photos. Even better, when you see the photos after the big day, you’ll likely get a few good laughs as well.

If you’re planning your wedding reception in the Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, or Scottsdale areas please email or call us at SnapShot AZ. We will give you a free quote and walk through some unique and fun photo booth ideas for your wedding reception.



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