How to Do the Viral TikTok Photo Booth Trend?

A blast from the past is what current trends are all about. Bringing back trends from the 90s, be it in fashion or content, the 90s will always stay on top. Recently a TikTok photo booth trend has taken the app by storm. It is a moody, vintage trend that captivates the viewer’s attention and overflows you with likes, comments, and shares.

About Viral TikTok Photo Booth Trend

The viral TikTok photo booth trend is also called Bryant’s photo booth trend. It is an authentic film photo booth made in the 1950s and bought by Bryant himself. He reintroduced the photo booth and invited his friends and celebrities over to create grainy and moody pictures.

Bryant’s photo booth pictures of celebrities have been blowing up recently. Those pictures are so ethereal that one cannot resist recreating a version of one’s own. It’s clear that not everyone has the privilege of receiving an invite from Bryant to his photo booth, but this creative generation has a million ways to do it.

How to Create your Vintage Photos?

Here’s a DIY method to create your version of Bryant’s photo booth trend. Start with capturing selfies of yourself with a flash to give the photo booth effect. You can use the timer settings in your camera to pose easily without having to click so many times. Then free up some space in your phone or sacrifice some of your storage and download Snapseed and Picsart.

1- The Editing Process

Do some editing magic in Snapseed; other editing apps can also be used to achieve the vintage result. But in Snapseed, you can do so by clicking on noir, selecting the S03 filter, and adjusting the wash and brightness to your liking, preferably low brightness, and +40 wash will be suitable. You can add a frame for the vintage effect.

Save the image and move on to Picsart. Open the saved image and go to stickers, search print overlay and choose the first sticker, click on blend and lower the opacity to your liking, and viola, here’s your version of the viral TikTok trend.

2- The Picsart Method

If you are running low on storage and do not want to go through the hassle of downloading more than one app, then no worries, Picsart got your back.

Edit your photos on Picsart by applying the filter 1996 on the photo, then repeat the process by going to stickers and searching ‘print overlay’, and choosing the first sticker. Then click blend and select overlay, now adjust the opacity to your liking. That’s it; you got your moody vintage photo booth picture without having to go to an actual photo booth.


If you are a TikToker, this trend will blow up your account, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for overnight fame because this trend is so alluring and beguiling that one can’t help but like it. So go on and be the center of attention, a heartthrob at its finest.



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