5 Best Photobooth Trends to Explore

Photobooths have been the most fun and easy spots to click photos and make memories. Hanging out with friends, you suddenly spot a photo booth, enter and click cute photography together, and capture the laughs at the hilarious joke your friend cracked. In the 2000s, mobile phones evolved into smartphones, and cameras became integral. Eventually, photobooths slowly got evolving and started to become trendy, just like other things. In the current time, multiple photobooth trends are thriving.

Top Photobooth Trends

Photobooths are a part of cute couple dates as well; after a good lunch or dinner ends, the date with a receipt from the day is in the form of photobooth-printed photographs with your significant other. Not only are these available in all their glory, but a million other photobooth trends are also revolving around them.

1- A Glam Booth

As it goes by its name, a glam photo booth is full of elegant lighting and the perfect backdrops; everything has to be proper and glittery to make your event stand out. A glam booth is about that luxurious vibe; step into the booth and shine with your blinding glamour.

2- 360 Photobooth Trends

360 booth, instead of clicking stills, records videos. The 360 video booth revolves around you at 360 angles and shoots a slow-motion video of you. 360 booth is the hottest trend in photo booths these days. It gives you a red carpet moment of your own. Live your slow-motion hair-flip fantasy through this 360 video booth.

3- Green Screen Photobooth

Green screen photo booths are the new photoshop. They consist of a green screen as a backdrop. It is an excellent idea for people who want to get creative for their business, get a picture clicked in front of a green screen, and get anything edited on it.

You can create holiday pictures by posing like skiing with the appropriate props and adding a snowy hilly background of the green screen.

4- Vintage Heaven

A perfect backdrop idea for vintage lovers is hanging antique frames in the backdrop and creating moody and alluring aesthetics in front of it. You can add any instrument to give it a melodic vibe or dress up as an old french painter and add a film camera filter afterward to complete the vintage look.

5- Neon Flash

How much lighting is too much lighting? Honestly, for a photo booth, you can never get enough lights, be it soft fairy lights or flashy neon lights; the results will be fantastic. Install neon lights in a dimly lit room to create the nighttime mood in a neon city. Create your city-girl core aesthetics and rule over social media with a large number of likes. 


You can take your events up a notch by following different photobooth trends. You can install photobooth rentals of any sort that will go with the theme of your event. It is an innovative way of entertaining guests and making their party fun.



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