Data Collection and Photo Booths

Technology has provided some great advancements in marketing your small business. Back in the day, you would post an ad and find out from a general survey how someone heard about your business. Nowadays, you are able to factually look at how well your marketing is working by looking at the data. Data turned marketing […]

Corporate Branding with a Photo Booth

When you think about corporate branding you may think of fliers, billboards, newspaper advertisements, and sponsorships. However, corporate branding doesn’t have to be boring. That are lots of fun ways to market a company, and the best part is, fun things tend to stick in people’s memories. So having a fun corporate branding strategy will […]

Things a Modern Photo Booth Can Do

When most people think of a traditional photo booth they think of a simple device that takes pictures. Sure, the modern photo booth still takes pictures…but it also does so much more! At SnapShot AZ, we always stun our clients with how many options our photo booths have. Let’s take a look at five really […]

Cute Wedding Reception Photo Booth Ideas

A photo booth is a great idea for your wedding reception. It allows your guests to interact with one another and let loose throughout the night. Even though you probably have a wedding photographer, photo booth pictures are different because they aren’t as elegant. They show a more fun side to your wedding and what […]

Which Photo Booth Rental is Right For You

Now that you have decided to have a photo booth for your wedding reception, corporate event, birthday party, or another fun occasion that is giving you a reason to celebrate. The next question becomes what kind of photo booth is the right one for your event. At SnapShot AZ we do a lot of different […]