Data Collection and Photo Booths

Technology has provided some great advancements in marketing your small business. Back in the day, you would post an ad and find out from a general survey how someone heard about your business. Nowadays, you are able to factually look at how well your marketing is working by looking at the data. Data turned marketing from a fufu business to a data-driven business. Modern photo booths have the ability to collect data from your guests and deliver it to you to utilize in your business.

How Does a Photo Booth Collect Data?

The best part about photo booths is they collect important data seamlessly by doing it through a fun service. When setting up a photo booth with SnapShot AZ you choose what pieces of data you and your company want to collect at the event. We want this data to be customized to your business and something that is valuable to you. The social media photo booth can collect data such as:

1          Email Capture
2          Phone Numbers
3          Responses to Specific Survey Questions
4          Demographic Information (when shared to Facebook)
5         Social Media Posting Data

Data collection at events is often one-sided and benefits solely the company. However, when you collect data through a photo booth, guests aren’t reluctant to give the desired information because they are getting their photos in return. Using a SnapShot AZ Social Media Photo Booth, your guests are much more willing to give up their information in order to obtain a photo from their photo booth session.

What Can You Do with the Data? 

Emails and Phone Numbers

Staying in touch with your customers is something that is really important. Obtaining your guest’s email address and phone number allows you to have access to them. You can communicate through weekly or monthly newsletters, special announcements, or monthly deals. Also, sending SMS text messages can also be a great marketing strategy.

Pro Tip: Staying in touch is important, but make sure to send valuable information, so your potential customer wants to receive emails from you and doesn’t unsubscribe.


We highly recommend small businesses do short surveys within the photo booth. These surveys can provide data that can be really beneficial. If you ask the right questions, you can get some really valuable feedback that can improve your products or business.

Follow Your Hashtags

Lastly, you can look at the posted photos by searching the event’s chosen hashtag. Each person who comments on these posted photos should be followed by your brand on social media. The hope is they will follow you back in return. If they start to follow your brand, you can stay in touch with these unknown potential customers through your social media page.

If you own a small business in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, or Chandler area and are looking to hold a corporate event reach out to SnapShot AZ to discuss photo booth options and which Hashtag is best suited for your event!



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