Corporate Branding with a Photo Booth

When you think about corporate branding you may think of fliers, billboards, newspaper advertisements, and sponsorships. However, corporate branding doesn’t have to be boring. That are lots of fun ways to market a company, and the best part is, fun things tend to stick in people’s memories. So having a fun corporate branding strategy will be far more effective than traditional marketing efforts on expanding your brand.

One fun way to market a brand today is by using photo booths. These picture taking machines offer businesses a way to capture emails, create brand awareness, and have their logo posted on any photo that is taken and shared within the booth. Businesses spend hours strategizing on how to leverage the photo booth to get leads, cultivate customer loyalty and create brand awareness, and it’s working.

In 2021 alone, more than 220, 000 people searched for photo booth rentals on Google each month. That’s a 51% increase in search from the previous year. From that data alone, it’s clear photo booths are trending, and using them can greatly improve your lead generating efforts. However, if you’ve never used a photo booth before, you might be wondering how exactly it fits into your branding and marketing plans. Here are a few places where you can leverage photo booths to increase brand awareness during your next corporate event.

Launching New Products

Launching a new product is the perfect time to have an event with a photo booth present. You can set up a photo booth where guests can take pictures with the new products. When these photos are shared on social media, a lot more people will know about your product simply by having it in the photos. If your product is small, then having it as a part of the backdrop is also an idea to increase its exposure to an online audience.

Award Ceremonies

Whether you are recognizing your employees for exemplary services or other rockstars in the industry, photo booths are an ideal add-on. Award winners can take pictures in the booths, where you can incorporate your company’s logo as was previously mentioned.

Corporate Holiday Parties

When holding a corporate holiday party it is important to keep everyone entertained. With a photo booth, your guests are going to line up at the booth and with careful thought, you can brand the photos in a way that it gives you exposure. This can be done through company shirts, props, backdrops, or logos.


Marketing now is heavily reliant on an email list. Having someone’s email gives you direct access to them to promote your products and events. Nowadays people are hesitant to give out their personal information, but they will gladly do it in order to access or get printouts of the photos they took at your event.

Start Your Corporate Marketing Strategy Today

If you are in the Phoenix area and are looking for ways to expand the awareness of your brand then contact Snapshot AZ. We will work with you to think of ways you can incorporate a Photo Booth and lead generation into your next event or product launch. Call us at (602)-539-0996 for a free consultation!



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