Halloween Photo Booth and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Everybody seems to be wondering what they should wear the coming Halloween every time this day approaches. If you are hosting a party and aim to entertain your guests with a lot of creepiness, weirdness, and scariness, you must consider a Halloween photo booth!

Halloween Photo Booth

Here are some ideas for a Halloween photo booth for you to take inspiration from!

1- Harry Potter Theme

The best thing about the Harry Potter theme is that it does not matter if people like this movie or not because things are going to be creepy for both in the photo booth. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy has many strange things in it. The way it operates, ceilings make the sky, candles lurk in mid-air, and much more!

You do not have to create the whole school in a tiny photo booth. Just take one aspect of the school, and get an entire booth out of it. It can be strange candles or anything.

For the costumes, you can choose the Hogwarts school uniform. This will also be easy for your guests because they will know exactly what they need to get.

2- Spiders and Cobwebs

Not everyone is indeed scared of spiders. They make some scream but influence some in no way, which is about small normal spiders. How about creepy large-size ones? Yes, for this theme, you have to get spiders in multiple sizes. The smallest one can be as small as less than an inch, and the biggest one can be as large as the whole backdrop of the photo booth.

If you want to enrich the theme, use cobwebs creatively. You can buy the cobweb packs that are commonly available when Halloween approaches.

3- Vampire Theme

Like Harry Potter, you can also choose Vampire as your theme. There is no need to include all show elements in your theme and photo booth because that might get overwhelming. Just select one element, and use it in variable ways and at multiple points. That element can be teeth, wings, tongue, or anything relevant.

Vampire Theme

4- Play Around with Fabric

Fabrics are not scary until they do not have blood and mud stains until they are not ripped at multiple points. You can take a fabric of any material that will stay stuck to the wall. The fabric you choose should have a few qualities. It should be non-reflective; otherwise, your pictures will turn out messy and of poor quality. Secondly, it should be able to hold the print/design, whatever you create on this.

Let your creative self go out of the box and think of the creepiest fabric you can ever create, and create that one.


Creating a Halloween photo booth yourself is impossible because it takes time, resources, expertise, and experience. All you can do is design your theme. SnapShot is a great photo booth company offering a wide variety of Halloween parties. Let them scare plus excite your guests!



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