Should You Use Photo Booth Props?

The fun of photo booths is incomplete without props. Photo booth props are what sauce is to sushi. Just like the taste of sushi comes when combined with a sauce, the real enjoyment comes in a photo booth when there are props.

Importance of Photo Booth Props

Here are three factors that make the photo booth props a must!

1- Props Double the Fun

There is no doubt in the fact that photo booths are fun. But adding props can double the fun. It is psychologically proven that the external environment plays a huge role in determining one’s mood. Looking at greenery calms the mind. Likewise, seeing, holding, and dealing with props gets one in the mood for the ultimate wild time.

Yes, crazy props will encourage everybody to become their craziest self. This will allow people in the booth to stop caring about anything for a minute and have fun. Crazy props can be hats, glasses, fans, mirrors, etc.

2- They Give Shy Guests Confidence

Do you ever wonder why TV show hosts hold mugs while moving around on the set and talking to the camera? Sipping tea is not the main reason because this is something they can do off air as well. It is because holding a thing gives them confidence and keeps their nerves intact.

Likewise, adding props in photo booths will give confidence to the shy guests who otherwise would be hesitant to pose correctly. Moreover, it is harder to pose bare-handed. Props inspire people to come up with out-of-the-box posing ideas.

3- They Define the Event

Most of the parties have themes. When they don’t, they are boring. If you love themes, a photo booth will help you significantly define your theme. For example, if it is your graduation party, you can add props like a graduation gown, hat, degree, glasses, etc.

One great idea is to place the booth next to the cake table. It will give depth and richness to the theme, and you will love how things come out on your special day.

Creative Photo Booth Prop Ideas

  • Stick props include the main item on the tip of a stick. The stick is for holding purposes. Such props can be words, phrases, glasses, crowns placed on sticks, etc.
  • Glasses are the most popular photo booth props. You can get them in unconventional frames, sizes, and colors.
  • Hats as props can be so much fun. You can get ones with rabbit ears, or wig-like appearance, etc.
  • Cardboard guns are also fun to hold and point at your friends.
  • Your guests will also love wearing crazy gowns such as Hogwarts Uniform etc.


If you are confused about what props you should choose for your event’s photo booth, let SnapShot help you. It is a photo booth rental company that never minds going above and beyond in assisting customers in having the best time with the photo booth.



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