Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is a lot different than planning an event for your friends. With both events you want your guests to have fun, but with a corporate event, you also want to promote your brand, get photos for social media, and get your guests who don’t know each other to interact.

Many event planners suggest having a photo booth at corporate events. Below we are going to go over a few reasons as to why. 

1: Photo Booth Rentals Are Affordable 

If you are putting together a corporate event, you are going to want to have photos of what you created. These photos will be used on various social media platforms to promote your brand and also sent to the higher- ups showing how great the party was. Typically, companies would hire a photographer to obtain these photos, but photographers can be pricey and most event planners are on a budget. Photo booths provide a less expensive way to show off your party and get those much needed photos. 

2: Photo Booths Provide Entertainment

Corporate events typically don’t have much entertainment. They are for networking or bringing name recognition to your brand. However, in general, people still want to have fun. A photo booth from Snap Shot AZ can be the entertainment piece people can get excited about and make a priority to visit. 

3. Photo Booths Connect People 

When your guests attend a corporate event, they don’t necessarily know one another like they would at a party in your home. In these situations, individuals will try to connect, meet their colleagues, and have fun with their fellow guests. A photo booth is a great icebreaker as you are starting to get to know everyone. It allows you to let loose in a professional way, while still networking with those around you. 

4. Photo Booths are Great for Brand Awareness 

Photo booths have come a long way. Initially, they were used predominately for house parties, but businesses saw an opportunity for exposure and this changed the way photo booths are utilized. Now social media is everything for a business and the photo booths at Snap Shot AZ can provide you exposure in a variety of ways. 

To start, you have to understand when people have their personal photos emailed to them, they want to share them on various platforms. We make sure to put your branding on all of the photos, so when they share their photo they are also sharing your brand. This much marketing if paid for would cost a lot more money than simply having a photo booth at your event. Secondly, the photo booth gives you branded photos you can use for your own promotional materials. This can be for social media, your website, or physical marketing materials. 

In today’s new business environment, it is critical to get with the times and create sharable memories at your corporate event. A photo booth provides this and so much more. If you are planning a corporate event in the Phoenix area, reach out to the professionals at Snap Shot AZ for a free quote.



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