4 Best Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

There is no such thing as a photo booth with just a camera in the front. It is indeed the backdrop that is the real show-stopper. A backdrop can bring life to a photo booth or kill the whole idea of a photo booth. Considering various photo booth backdrop ideas, here is a compilation of […]

Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is a lot different than planning an event for your friends. With both events you want your guests to have fun, but with a corporate event, you also want to promote your brand, get photos for social media, and get your guests who don’t know each other to interact. Many event […]

Corporate Branding with a Photo Booth

When you think about corporate branding you may think of fliers, billboards, newspaper advertisements, and sponsorships. However, corporate branding doesn’t have to be boring. That are lots of fun ways to market a company, and the best part is, fun things tend to stick in people’s memories. So having a fun corporate branding strategy will […]

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Photo Booth Company

Choosing the right photo booth company for your event can be overwhelming. When people only look at the price and opt for the cheapest option, they typically are left disappointed. How a photo booth company does business, how they treat you, and the attention they put into the experience will speak volumes about how your […]