4 Best Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

There is no such thing as a photo booth with just a camera in the front. It is indeed the backdrop that is the real show-stopper. A backdrop can bring life to a photo booth or kill the whole idea of a photo booth. Considering various photo booth backdrop ideas, here is a compilation of the top four!

Top 4 Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

Here are four photo booth backdrop ideas!

1- Live Poster

One great idea for a photo booth backdrop can be a live poster. Yes, add a poster, and ask everybody to take the spray bottle and write/draw something on the poster. This will be interactive and engaging for your guests.

There will be two unique things about this backdrop. The first thing is that you would have a crazy backdrop effortlessly since the phrases and drawings will turn out as fun as possible. Secondly, it would be cute to click pictures while drawing as well as while striking a pose for the camera. The overall experience for the guests will be as fun, crazy, and great as it should be!

2- Chalk Board

A few decades ago, chalkboards were where teachers wrote while addressing lectures. Then whiteboards came, then digital classrooms. We can easily say that chalkboards are history now. Putting them as a backdrop will give pretty old-fashion, vintage, romantic, and aesthetic vibes.

There can be multiple ways to use a chalkboard photo booth backdrop. One can make it an interactive place where everybody writes something with chalk. Another method can be preparing it with chalk for a perfect background. Just ask the photo booth rental company to create some art on the board.

3- Flower Wall with a Chair

A wall covered with flowers can never go wrong. A flower wall as a backdrop of pictures will do wonders for your guests. Many factors make flower walls everybody’s favorite. Firstly, it is simple yet pretty. Secondly, flowers make you feel calm and relaxed.

There are multiple ways of doing this type of backdrop. You can keep it as a photo booth where guests will pose, standing with the props. Plus, you can add a chair or a sofa; the chair/sofa should be as per the background wall. It would be better if it is antique or something unique.

4- Lights

Lights come in variable shapes, forms, and sizes. Playing around with lights can give rise to amazing backdrops. There are so many kinds of light photo booths that you can rent from companies. One backdrop idea can be a neon sign saying something such as better together for a wedding function.

Another idea can be just fairy lights hanging from the top to the bottom with some distance between each two. There are many other types of light photo booths. Check out the vast collection of SnapShot to find the ultimate light photo booth for your event.

Final Verdict

Whether a wedding day, a fundraiser or a kid’s birthday party, every special day can be made more special with a nice and relevant photo booth. SnapShot is the place to rent the best photo booths in Phoenix, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ.




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