7 Must-Ask Questions Before You Rent a Photo Booth

Including a photo booth can add fun and excitement to the event. These interactive attractions allow guests to take memorable photos with friends and family, with customizable backgrounds and fun props. Plus, they provide a unique party favor for attendees to take home and share on social media. However, with so many photo booth companies, choosing which one to rent can take time. To help you make the right decision, consider asking the following questions before you rent a photo booth service.

What to Know Before Rent a Photo Booth?

Here are some common questions to ask the company before you rent a photo booth!

1- Is your photo booth open-air or closed?

There are two main types of photo booths: closed and open-air. Closed booths are typically enclosed and offer privacy, while open-air booths are made up of free-standing components and provide more versatility and customization options.

Open-air booths can be tailored to fit any theme and often allow for more people in each photo. Consider which booth type best fits your needs and preferences when choosing a vendor.

2- What type of images does your photo booth produce?

Modern photo booths offer more than just traditional photographs. Some booths allow you to select your backgrounds and create GIFs, Boomerangs, and slo-mo videos. If you’re interested in these options for your event, choose a booth that can accommodate them and ask for previous work samples to gauge the quality. It will help ensure that you and your guests have a memorable and fun experience.

3- Is your booth Wi-Fi enabled?

When choosing a photo booth, consider whether you want guests to be able to easily share their photos on social media or via text or email. If so, ensure the booth is Wi-Fi enabled and ask if the vendor can provide their Wi-Fi if your venue needs internet access. It will ensure your guests can share their photos and memories from the event.

4- What camera, lighting, and printer do you use?

Choose a photo booth with a DSLR camera, a dye-sublimation printer, and strobe lighting with a modeling light to ensure the best quality photos. Avoid vendors who are unsure of the equipment they use. These features will allow for clear, high-quality photos and ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience during the photo session.

5- Do you provide booth attendants and how many?

Having at least one or two trained booth attendants is vital to ensure a smooth and enjoyable guest experience. They can assist with crowd control, prop management, and troubleshooting and should be able to handle any issues that may arise. Be sure to choose a vendor who provides attendants as part of their service.

6- Do you provide props?

Props can be a fun addition to a photo booth, but the selection and quality offered by different vendors can vary greatly. Consider asking about a vendor’s approach to props and whether they provide their own, allow you to bring your own, or offer a customized selection.

Some vendors offer 2D paper props, while others may provide 3D objects or even allow digital props to be added on a touchscreen after the photo is taken. Choose a vendor whose prop options fit your preferences and budget.

7- What’s included in your packages?

When choosing a photo booth vendor, consider the services included in their packages and any additional options available. These may include the number of hours of booth time, delivery and set up, idle time, prints, digital files, GIFs, videos, Boomerangs, filters, props, backdrops, green screens, Wi-Fi and sharing, custom templates, and upgrades. Ask about rates and policies for these services and see examples to ensure that the quality meets your expectations.


When renting a photo booth for an event, there are several crucial factors to ponder. Asking the right questions will help you choose a vendor who can provide the services and features that best fit your needs and preferences. By taking the time to research and communicate with potential vendors, you can ensure a successful and memorable photo booth experience for you and your guests.



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