What to Consider Before Picking Your Photo Entertainment

A photo booth sounds like something that is always fun, no matter the design, background, or material. People often regret their rented product due to poor research or other reasons. It is recommended for you first to do your research and then make a purchase of the photo entertainment booth!

Ways to Pick Your Photo Entertainment

Here are the three essential things to look for in photo entertainment!

1- The Camera Result

Photo booths are not stopping when it comes to growing in popularity. With time, more people realize how it is an essential part of any event. But unfortunately, most photo booth companies compromise on their cameras.

The photo booth is not about taking pictures with a particular theme but about taking high-quality photos. If cameras are not advanced enough to produce clear photographs, the whole experience will be ruined. Before buying or renting a photo booth, check the camera result quality.

2- Lighting

Second to the camera, what plays the most significant role is the lighting. Poor or low lighting will not add value to the pictures. Instead, it will ruin them. On the other hand, high-end studio lights ensure that the moments are captured in the best possible way.

Moreover, you should inform your photo booth rental company beforehand about the venue and event date because they take their time in setting up the right photo booth with proper lighting in accordance with the venue. If you choose SnapShotaz, they will send their team early to ensure a gorgeous setup.

3- Backdrops

Backdrops come in variable designs and materials. First, you should define your theme as precisely as possible. The photo booth background should be exactly as per the rest of the event decorations. There are multiple ways to do that; let us discuss them below!


  • The simplest way is to get a design print following your theme and print it on tension fabric. Such fabrics are sleek, professional, and non-reflective.
  • Light can be a great entertainer. Playing around with it can give you several aesthetic designs. You can get neon light straps and place them with a little distance in between in the backdrop.
  • Balloons are the most prominent representative of happiness and excitement. You can select 2 – 4 colors from your color palette, get multiple balloons in the desired colors, and cover the whole backdrop.

The list can go on and on. You should choose the one that feels good to you. It is your event, so you should be confident in your choices and liking.


The smart way is to first explore the already available backdrops in the shop you are buying from. If you choose SnapShot, there is a big possibility that you will find what you are looking for because they have a great variety of photo booths.



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