Custom Branding Photo Booth Experience

Custom branding is an essential branch of product marketing. Not spreading your company’s name, logo, and message as widely as possible is a bad idea since it limits your brand awareness. A custom branding photo booth can be an excellent gadget for spreading brand awareness and running free social media campaigns.

Benefits of Custom Branding Photo Booths

Here is how to use the custom branding photo booth!

1- Make Your Sponsors Happy

Where there is a brand, there is a sponsor. Both depend on each other because one cannot survive without the other. Every brand aims at pleasing its sponsor to the fullest. A photo booth can be an opportunity for your brand to return the sponsor a part of their favor.

To do this, you can get a photo booth with your brand and your sponsors. This will allow the sponsor to reach and interact with your guests and audience. The whole setup will work more like a custom branding marketing activation.

2- Run Free and Effortless Social Media Campaigns

Now that you have spread a good amount of brand awareness through a photo booth with branding. Wait for the digital brand activation to take place on its own. Yes, most people who took selfies in the booth will post them on social media. There are three things to take care of if you want to make the most of this custom branding campaign.

  • The brand’s name, logo, and message should be written clearly and boldly, so it catches the attention.
  • The custom branding photo booth should inform people who take pictures inside about the hashtag they should use in their posts. You can put it on the backdrop as a side note. This will ensure that the posts shattered on social media have a familiar place.
  • Do not ghost the people who share their photos on social media. Engage with them by reposting the brand’s page or commenting on their post.

3- Make it an Experience

Photo booths give people confidence and the opportunity to become their crazy selves. This is something that a photo booth is an expert at. No matter how shy or hesitating a person is, they will not mind posing wildly in the booth. Though the main idea of a branded photo booth is to include the brand in the backdrop and on props, the possibilities for creativity are a lot.

Think out of the box, and create something that leaves people awestruck. Even a product that is not a fun thing in its existence can have a fun photo booth for branding. SnapShot has many creative photo booths that can do custom branding of your product in entertaining ways.

The Bottom Line!

Get one custom branding photo booth ready for your brand, and watch your brand awareness spread like fire spreads in the jungle. The more fun your photo booth, the wider the awareness spreads. SnapShot is the company to call if you want out-of-the-box photo booths for custom branding.

How to Customize Your Wedding Photo Booth?

A wedding day is easily a life-defining day. Make your day special, from good food to a photo booth. One way of having the best experience with your wedding photo booth is to customize it as per your personality. Let us find out more below!

Why Customize Your Wedding Photo Booth?

The wedding day is one of the most important days in anyone’s life. It is not just another special event where you will be accompanied by your loved ones while enjoying yourself. But it is an occasion, the memories that will last with you forever.

Indeed, there is so much to take care of for your wedding event that all you do regarding a photo booth is call a rental company and order a wedding booth. After years, you realize how these photographs take you back to your special day. So, instead of going with the booth, personalize it as per your taste and personality. Here are the three things you can do to customize your wedding photo booth!

1- Include Your Life Journey as Photographs

The backdrop plays a huge role in any photo booth. If you want your wedding photo booth to be as per your personality, include photographs of your essential life days. The pictures can be from your childhood, school days, graduation, job, and likewise.

So, when you are striking a pose with your loved ones, it will be like having your whole life with you in that tiny space. The importance of a photo booth will double.

If you do not want to make the booth about yourself, include a picture of your partner from the same respective days beside yours.

2- Manifest Your Future Plans Through Photo Booth

Couples make many promises before finally tying a knot. The promises and plans can be how they will travel together, about having kids, exploring, and achieving together. These plans do not have to be materialistic but simple life concepts like staying side by side forever.

You can turn it into your vision board to personalize your wedding photo booth. Yes, get photographs of the places you two want to visit together, the baby you wish to, and the promises you have made, and put them inside the photo booth. This strengthens your commitment and gives you confidence whenever you look at pictures.


3- Add a Neon Light

Everyone has a mantra to keep themselves motivated through the ups and downs of life. For couples, it is of enormous importance to have one. If you two have not decided on yours yet, take the opportunity of personalizing your photo booth to do that. The mantra can be anything, such as little things matter or arguments only strengthen relationships, etc.

The Bottom Line

The idea of customizing your wedding photo booth will play a role in strengthening your relationship with your partner as well. If you want a rental photo booth company to help you turn your ideas into reality for your big day, SnapShotaz is the one to contact!

What to Consider Before Picking Your Photo Entertainment

A photo booth sounds like something that is always fun, no matter the design, background, or material. People often regret their rented product due to poor research or other reasons. It is recommended for you first to do your research and then make a purchase of the photo entertainment booth!

Ways to Pick Your Photo Entertainment

Here are the three essential things to look for in photo entertainment!

1- The Camera Result

Photo booths are not stopping when it comes to growing in popularity. With time, more people realize how it is an essential part of any event. But unfortunately, most photo booth companies compromise on their cameras.

The photo booth is not about taking pictures with a particular theme but about taking high-quality photos. If cameras are not advanced enough to produce clear photographs, the whole experience will be ruined. Before buying or renting a photo booth, check the camera result quality.

2- Lighting

Second to the camera, what plays the most significant role is the lighting. Poor or low lighting will not add value to the pictures. Instead, it will ruin them. On the other hand, high-end studio lights ensure that the moments are captured in the best possible way.

Moreover, you should inform your photo booth rental company beforehand about the venue and event date because they take their time in setting up the right photo booth with proper lighting in accordance with the venue. If you choose SnapShotaz, they will send their team early to ensure a gorgeous setup.

3- Backdrops

Backdrops come in variable designs and materials. First, you should define your theme as precisely as possible. The photo booth background should be exactly as per the rest of the event decorations. There are multiple ways to do that; let us discuss them below!


  • The simplest way is to get a design print following your theme and print it on tension fabric. Such fabrics are sleek, professional, and non-reflective.
  • Light can be a great entertainer. Playing around with it can give you several aesthetic designs. You can get neon light straps and place them with a little distance in between in the backdrop.
  • Balloons are the most prominent representative of happiness and excitement. You can select 2 – 4 colors from your color palette, get multiple balloons in the desired colors, and cover the whole backdrop.

The list can go on and on. You should choose the one that feels good to you. It is your event, so you should be confident in your choices and liking.


The smart way is to first explore the already available backdrops in the shop you are buying from. If you choose SnapShot, there is a big possibility that you will find what you are looking for because they have a great variety of photo booths.

Photo Booth – Do I Really Need One?

Technological advancements have made pictures as easy as pressing one click and viewing the picture instantly. There are photoshops to edit and add the desired frames, but people miss the feel of capturing pictures in a photo booth.

Importance of a Photo Booth

Here are four reasons why having a photo booth is a must!

1- Enjoyment

No matter how digital the world becomes and how advanced the technology gets, a humane need for touch will always be there. Holding a picture in your hand feels better compared to the feeling you get while looking at the picture on the screen.

Having a photo booth of your own will help you take pictures of yourself and your friends/relatives/loved ones. These pictures will cheer you up when you hold them. While the world looks for healthy means to get out of the screen, let it serve you!

2- A Photo Booth Increases the Fun Element

Usually, kids run around during events, adults take selfies, and older ones sit on sofas gracefully while talking about business and governmental affairs. This not only feels mundane but also keeps the fun part of a get-together at the lowest.

Adding a photo booth to such events will allow everyone to have fun to the fullest despite their age. Moreover, people will be able to interact better. There will be more jokes to laugh at and more reasons to be happy about. Plus, they give people a reason to get into their craziest version, upgrading the event by many levels.

3- Increase Brand Awareness

It is of much importance for companies to have their customized photo booth because this picture center will act as their brand representative on social media networks. A photo booth with the company name, logo, mission statement, and visions will spread brand awareness and improve brand reputation.

One thing to ensure is that it should be fun. A boring photo booth will attract the attention of no one. Also, you should encourage your employees to take pictures in the company booth and upload them on their social media. To avoid your employees getting bored of the booth, you can change the backdrop or theme to keep it engaging and active.

4- Photo Booths are Affordable

Photo booths make a financially cheap way of having fun, but the joy they bring is unmatched. You do not have to invest hundreds of dollars in the booth. If you are not willing to buy one yet, rent it for an event. SnapShot has a wide variety of photo booths; you can rent one for the type of event you are getting it for.


Decades ago, people used to capture photographs in cameras and had to wait for days to see the pictures. This is something that is romanticized these days as an old-fashion charm. A photo booth is an acceptable way of getting pictures in frames; you have to wait a few minutes to get them.

Engagement Party Photo Booth Ideas

If you are getting engaged soon, include a photo booth in the must-have things for the event. A photo booth will help you make more memories. Your guests will get to enjoy more and laugh more. Moreover, it will give all guests a picture to take home and cherish forever. Here are the four DIY engagement party photo booths that will upgrade your day on many levels!

A Minimalistic DIY Frame

Frames make a minimalistic photo booth look aesthetic, fun, and exciting. You can create a simple setup. Here is what you have to do!

Step 1. Collect the items needed to create the frame. The items are cardboard of considerable size, two ropes, wood sticks as standing support, crutches, a camera, a camera table, etc.

Step 2. Cut the cardboard in a rectangular shape, making it a frame. Wrap it with paper/fabric.

Step 3. Write the names of the couple and the engagement party date at the bottom. It is optional to attach flowers at four corners of the board.

Step 4. Attach the frame with the wood ticks on either side with the help of ropes that are attached to the frame with crutches. Now put a camera on the table in front of the frame.

The whole setup should be ready. You can make adjustments if the balance is not perfectly fine.

Engagement Party Props

Now that you have a minimalistic yet fun engagement party photo booth, props are a must too. Some simple props you can create at home using cardboard are given below!

Step 1. Draw a mustache on the cardboard, and cut it as per the drawing. Now color it black with marker colors.

Step 2. Likewise, you can draw lips, hats, glasses, gift packs, bow ties, and rings on cardboard and turn them into props.

Step 3. Attach all the items on sticks using tape or other material.

Though these props are aesthetic and sound but not durable, one slight mishandling and they will be crumpled into useless cardboard pieces.

The Right Photo Booth Placement on the Venue

After getting the photo booth and props, the next thing is to decide where these things should be. You should consider lighting when choosing the position of the open photo booth. The light should come from the front.

Secondly, it should not be near the stage/cake table. This is in case you have a huge number of guests. People will be gathered outside the booth, waiting for their turn, making things a little messy to manage.

But if you want to keep all the significant décor together side by side, ask the venue staff to manage better. You can assign one person the task of calling guests to the booth and stopping the mess from happening.

Final Verdict

Though you can make photo booths at home alone, the effort, patience, hard work, and time it takes might irritate you. So, getting a financially sound photo booth would be better. SnapShot has a variety of photo booths for budget-friendly prices.