Engagement Party Photo Booth Ideas

If you are getting engaged soon, include a photo booth in the must-have things for the event. A photo booth will help you make more memories. Your guests will get to enjoy more and laugh more. Moreover, it will give all guests a picture to take home and cherish forever. Here are the four DIY engagement party photo booths that will upgrade your day on many levels!

A Minimalistic DIY Frame

Frames make a minimalistic photo booth look aesthetic, fun, and exciting. You can create a simple setup. Here is what you have to do!

Step 1. Collect the items needed to create the frame. The items are cardboard of considerable size, two ropes, wood sticks as standing support, crutches, a camera, a camera table, etc.

Step 2. Cut the cardboard in a rectangular shape, making it a frame. Wrap it with paper/fabric.

Step 3. Write the names of the couple and the engagement party date at the bottom. It is optional to attach flowers at four corners of the board.

Step 4. Attach the frame with the wood ticks on either side with the help of ropes that are attached to the frame with crutches. Now put a camera on the table in front of the frame.

The whole setup should be ready. You can make adjustments if the balance is not perfectly fine.

Engagement Party Props

Now that you have a minimalistic yet fun engagement party photo booth, props are a must too. Some simple props you can create at home using cardboard are given below!

Step 1. Draw a mustache on the cardboard, and cut it as per the drawing. Now color it black with marker colors.

Step 2. Likewise, you can draw lips, hats, glasses, gift packs, bow ties, and rings on cardboard and turn them into props.

Step 3. Attach all the items on sticks using tape or other material.

Though these props are aesthetic and sound but not durable, one slight mishandling and they will be crumpled into useless cardboard pieces.

The Right Photo Booth Placement on the Venue

After getting the photo booth and props, the next thing is to decide where these things should be. You should consider lighting when choosing the position of the open photo booth. The light should come from the front.

Secondly, it should not be near the stage/cake table. This is in case you have a huge number of guests. People will be gathered outside the booth, waiting for their turn, making things a little messy to manage.

But if you want to keep all the significant décor together side by side, ask the venue staff to manage better. You can assign one person the task of calling guests to the booth and stopping the mess from happening.

Final Verdict

Though you can make photo booths at home alone, the effort, patience, hard work, and time it takes might irritate you. So, getting a financially sound photo booth would be better. SnapShot has a variety of photo booths for budget-friendly prices.



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