Why Do You Need Photo Booths for Corporate Events?

The present times belong to photo booths as no party or celebration is complete without them. No matter the event, a photo booth can become every guest’s favorite spot. Corporate events should be interactive and engaging, allowing employees to connect. Hence, adding photo booths can be a good idea for such get-togethers. This write-up demonstrates why photo booths for corporate events are a must.

Photo Booths for Corporate Events

Here is how you can use photo booths for corporate events to make them influential.

1- Market Your Brand

No business would mind their employees posting marketing images on their social media accounts and blogs. It raises brand awareness and lets people know that you are a real company with happy employees. Some businesses hire teams to take pictures and post on social media accounts. But you do not have to do that.

What you can do is use your brand-themed photo booths for corporate events. Everybody would take pictures of them for sharing with their friends and family. This will ultimately make your company look good.

2- Get Your Message Across

Photo booths are mostly customizable. You can change their appearance and the interface. If you use photo booths for corporate events to get your message across, just write it on the booth. Be creative with it.

For example, if your business is manufacturing mobile phones. You can write a one-liner narrating the quality of the mobile phones you make. It will be evident in all pictures; everyone that comes across the pictures cannot resist but read them.

3- Stay in Your Budget

As a host, you would be too busy to take pictures yourself during the whole corporate event. Some events hire photography teams to capture portraits of guests. But hiring a team of photographs can be too expensive and might need you to extend your budget.

What you can do is rent a photo booth. All colleagues will love taking crazy pictures together. Moreover, the rental companies do not require you to make any arrangements. You just have to tell them about your theme and select a booth. The rest is on them to come and place the booth. This way, you can hire one photographer to capture the ongoing ceremonies instead of hiring an expensive team.

4- Let Your Employees Connect

The working environment of corporate centers is quite hectic. Everybody is busy working, hardly having any time to talk about anything but the upcoming meeting or the project’s progress. Adding a photo booth will allow your employees to connect differently. This activity will strengthen their bond with each other, and they can ultimately make better teams together.

Conclusion – Photo Booths for Corporate Events

A photo booth will allow your employees to enjoy the event and connect. Instant gratification for your employees is ensured. Your corporate event can be a hit by simply adding a photo booth.

If you want to know about a good rental company to get photo booths for corporate events, SnapShot AZ is the best. They have photo booths belonging to different events. The expert team will come to the venue to set the booth up in minimum time.

Tips on How to Pose for a Picture

Getting your photo taken is either something you love or hate doing, but if you know how to pose for a picture you will be much happier with the photo. Knowing how to pose for pictures to highlight your positive attributes is important in a day in age where everything ends up on social media for the world to see. To be clear, this is not about looking thinner, having perfect skin, or having an expensive outfit in a photo. The posing tips in this article are meant to help you find your confidence in getting your picture taken.

  1. Know Your Angles

Understanding angles is the key to understanding how to make them work for you. When someone is taking a photo of your face have them lift their camera slightly above you and point it down. This will highlight the angles in your face, giving it more definition. When photographing your body have the camera person put the camera down and angle the camera slightly up. This will give the body additional length, and who doesn’t want the appearance of longer legs?

2. Lighting is Everything

Lighting is your best friend when taking a picture. Light will brighten your face, giving you a glowing canvas that blurs your blemishes away and out of the focus of the camera. Remember instagram models don’t have amazing skin, they just have an amazingly bright light!

3. Relax and Have Fun

Getting your picture taken is supposed to be fun. Too often people get stiff when they see a camera. The key is to relax your body and your eyes, too. If you’re uptight you’re not going to capture your beauty in the same way as if you are relaxed. When relaxed it will make the picture seem more authentically you.

4. Watch Your Posture

Standing up straight is important when you get your photo taken. When you slouch, you are pushing out your stomach and hunching your shoulders. This makes you look frumpy. Always stand up and push your shoulders back and stick your chest out. You will elongate your body and will be more pleased with your appearance in a photo.

5. Your Pose is Important

When most people think of posing for a photo, they think it is as easy as smiling for the camera. While a big smile is all you really need, if you want to look your best there is a little more that goes into it than that. When posing for a photo you never want to look at a camera straight on. This will widen your face. You want to tilt your head down the slightest bit. This will put the focus on your eyes and away from the center of your face.

Also, you never want to stand with your body facing the camera squarely. This will widen your frame. You want to turn your body slightly sideways and slightly bend your leg that is closest to the camera. This will elongate your figure and the side angle will also be esthetically pleasing.

Taking photos is supposed to be fun, but we all want to look good when doing it. If you remember these tips when taking your next photo you will get the picture you want and feel more confident doing it!

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Photo Booth Company

Choosing the right photo booth company for your event can be overwhelming. When people only look at the price and opt for the cheapest option, they typically are left disappointed. How a photo booth company does business, how they treat you, and the attention they put into the experience will speak volumes about how your event will turn out and is far more important than the price. Below we have listed questions you should ask your photo booth company in order to find the best vendor for your event.

1. Is the Company Licensed and Insured?

Any legit company will have a business license and insurance and it’s important for you that they do. You don’t want to put your event in the hands of someone who does this part time. You need a company that takes its business seriously.

2. What’s included in the Price?

When you hire a photo booth company you get what you pay for. Some companies will nickel and dime you for each additional item and others have an all inclusive price. With every company you interview, make sure they are clear about what their price includes.

          •        How many hours of service?

          •        Is setup/tear down included?

          •        Will you bring props? a prop table?

          •        Does it include a backdrop?

          •        Will you get copies of all the photos taken?

3. What is the Setup Process

While this is an afterthought to most people the setup is important. Some companies leave cords exposed or throw a pile of props on the table. What you are looking for is a company that arrives early to set up and doesn’t break down until your scheduled end time. We have seen companies who arrive last minute and are in a rush to set up or other companies that are out the door right at their scheduled end time, which shuts down your photo booth before they are scheduled to do so.

4. Does the booth come with a high quality attendant?

A photo booth company should hire an attendant with every single rental. Your photo booth will only be a big hit if someone is there showing people how to use it. We also mention high quality, because when the person running the photo booth isn’t engaging with your crowd it really dampens the whole experience. That’s why at SnapShots Az we only hire the best people that walk through our door. We make sure they make a great first impression with us, so that they will make a great first impression with your guests as well.

5. Where are your reviews?

Honest reviews from a third-party source are one of the best ways to judge a photo booth company’s quality. Reading the company’s reviews on their social media pages and sites like Google and Yelp are very telling. While a bad review is expected here and there, if they start to pile up that is a cause of concern.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

HUGE thank you to SnapShots AZ for giving our party a boost in entertainment. It was so much fun and your guy Kyle was awesome…very nice, polite and even helped out in putting up decorations we truly appreciated all his hard work in the heat, he rocked it….I will definitely work with your company again 5 out of 5 for me and my huge family thank you, Stacey!
-Patty from Scottsdale, AZ

We recently hired SnapShots AZ for our 200+ people Midwestern Optometry school banquet. On the day of the event, the setup and breakdown of the booth went smoothly, there were plenty of fun props to use in the booth, and the pictures came out awesome. I would totally hire these guys again for my personal events, and we definitely would use them again for large school events.

-Cemone from Phoenix, AZ

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If you’re looking for a photo booth company in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, or Mesa area that will deliver an amazing experience for your event look no further than SnapShots AZ. Our top priority is creating a beautiful, memorable event. With unlimited sessions and prints, customization options, professional attendants, fun props, and gorgeous backdrops, you can’t find a better photo booth company anywhere! Contact us today to reserve your date!

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

When planning your special day in Arizona, SnapShot AZ wants you to have lots of memorable photos from all of your wedding guests. Photos of your friends having fun, being silly, and looking great. Yet, having selective items in the background that really tie in your wedding and remind them of where they were at when it was taken when they look at the photo years later. The setting within the photo booth is crucial for getting the photos you are imagining. Below are tips for putting together the right photo booth setting for your wedding.

  1. Choose a Simple Back Drop

The background you place in your photo booth is probably the most important decision you will make in regards to the photo booth, and luckily you have options. Go with a single color to start with, maybe silver, gold, or the standard white, gray, or black—all classic colors. If you have a theme, you could also incorporate that theme from the wedding into your backdrop. However, keep it simple. You want your guests to stand out in their photos and not be overtaken by the busy backdrop.

2. Props and Accessories

Creating a setting that encourages guests to interact in amusing ways is what a photo booth is all about, and one way to do that is to add props to the mix. Props prompt your guests be creative, interact with one another, and be silly. In Phoenix, for destination weddings, we do a lot of Old Western themes, but for local Phoenix residents, we tend to do more traditional wedding themes. Roses that are the wedding colors, just married sashes, etc. Props are going to make your photo booth a lot more fun!

3. People Need to Know It’s There

Setting up a fun photo booth is great, but people have to know it’s there so they can utilize it. That is where great signage is going to come in. At SnapShot AZ we start by dropping a sign into an attractive poster stand outside your photo booth to invite your guests inside. It’s also not a bad idea to create other signs around your wedding space to direct people to it. Small sign holders on reception tables are a great location for these signs since they are easily placed where people will be sure to see them.

4. Furniture is Important

When setting up a photo booth most people don’t think to add props to sit on. Furniture will encourage your guests to pose in a variety of positions. Adding a couple of stools that can be moved around will really add additional character to your photos. It also allows more people in one photo since some of them can be seated. You want to furniture to be small and able to be moved in and out of the photo booth, so we recommend something simple like stools.

A photo booth is a lot of fun and will capture a lot of memories you will enjoy looking back on for years to come. If having your wedding in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, or Mesa areas please reach out to SnapShot AZ here. We would be happy to help put together a memorable photo booth for your big day.

Why You Should Add a Photo Booth to Your Next Event

When you are planning an event you are trying to balance what will enhance your event and yet still stay mindful of your budget. A lot of times the host believes the guests need a lot of activities at the event in order to have a good time when really they just want to spend time with one another. They laugh and have fun and those memories are remembered through photos. You may be asking yourself, with people’s ability to take pictures on their phones, why is there a need for photo booths? Events are made more entertaining with the presence of photo booths than camera phones alone. Below are a few reasons you should add a photo booth to your next event.

It Engages The Guests

People love getting their picture taken with friends that they haven’t seen in a while and a photo booth gives them the perfect excuse to do so. With the props provided, you can let your guests be creative and silly. These props will help you immerse the guest in the theme of the party with funny hats, outrageous shades, costumes, and much more.

It’s Easy

When you are looking for activities for your event you want something that doesn’t add work to your already full plate. When you hire Snapshot Photo Booths, our staff will handle the operations, maintenance, and crowd control in the booth. We also make sure our staff has engaging ideas that add entertainment to the pictures your guests are taking.  This takes all of the stress off of you and allows you to enjoy the party.

Photos are Memories

The best memories of a party come from the photos that capture it. Not only will your guests be able to take home the photos they took at the party, but all of the party photos taken can be emailed out to your guests. This adds additional engagement and laughter the next day as the guests look through the photos throughout the night. Typically they start very professional and end with people being very silly. These photos can be uploaded to social media where they will live on, long after your party is over.

Good For Marketing

Corporate events are made to be fun, but companies are always looking for content and a way to get their brand recognized. If that is the case, you can incorporate your products into the design of the booth, which makes it a sound marketing strategy. The photos that your guests take home can have the brand of your service or product that you want to market. When these photos are shared over different platforms, your brand name and message will reach more people, far beyond your current sphere.

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