Tips on How to Pose for a Picture

Getting your photo taken is either something you love or hate doing, but if you know how to pose for a picture you will be much happier with the photo. Knowing how to pose for pictures to highlight your positive attributes is important in a day in age where everything ends up on social media for the world to see. To be clear, this is not about looking thinner, having perfect skin, or having an expensive outfit in a photo. The posing tips in this article are meant to help you find your confidence in getting your picture taken.

  1. Know Your Angles

Understanding angles is the key to understanding how to make them work for you. When someone is taking a photo of your face have them lift their camera slightly above you and point it down. This will highlight the angles in your face, giving it more definition. When photographing your body have the camera person put the camera down and angle the camera slightly up. This will give the body additional length, and who doesn’t want the appearance of longer legs?

2. Lighting is Everything

Lighting is your best friend when taking a picture. Light will brighten your face, giving you a glowing canvas that blurs your blemishes away and out of the focus of the camera. Remember instagram models don’t have amazing skin, they just have an amazingly bright light!

3. Relax and Have Fun

Getting your picture taken is supposed to be fun. Too often people get stiff when they see a camera. The key is to relax your body and your eyes, too. If you’re uptight you’re not going to capture your beauty in the same way as if you are relaxed. When relaxed it will make the picture seem more authentically you.

4. Watch Your Posture

Standing up straight is important when you get your photo taken. When you slouch, you are pushing out your stomach and hunching your shoulders. This makes you look frumpy. Always stand up and push your shoulders back and stick your chest out. You will elongate your body and will be more pleased with your appearance in a photo.

5. Your Pose is Important

When most people think of posing for a photo, they think it is as easy as smiling for the camera. While a big smile is all you really need, if you want to look your best there is a little more that goes into it than that. When posing for a photo you never want to look at a camera straight on. This will widen your face. You want to tilt your head down the slightest bit. This will put the focus on your eyes and away from the center of your face.

Also, you never want to stand with your body facing the camera squarely. This will widen your frame. You want to turn your body slightly sideways and slightly bend your leg that is closest to the camera. This will elongate your figure and the side angle will also be esthetically pleasing.

Taking photos is supposed to be fun, but we all want to look good when doing it. If you remember these tips when taking your next photo you will get the picture you want and feel more confident doing it!

Why You Should Add a Photo Booth to Your Next Event

When you are planning an event you are trying to balance what will enhance your event and yet still stay mindful of your budget. A lot of times the host believes the guests need a lot of activities at the event in order to have a good time when really they just want to spend time with one another. They laugh and have fun and those memories are remembered through photos. You may be asking yourself, with people’s ability to take pictures on their phones, why is there a need for photo booths? Events are made more entertaining with the presence of photo booths than camera phones alone. Below are a few reasons you should add a photo booth to your next event.

It Engages The Guests

People love getting their picture taken with friends that they haven’t seen in a while and a photo booth gives them the perfect excuse to do so. With the props provided, you can let your guests be creative and silly. These props will help you immerse the guest in the theme of the party with funny hats, outrageous shades, costumes, and much more.

It’s Easy

When you are looking for activities for your event you want something that doesn’t add work to your already full plate. When you hire Snapshot Photo Booths, our staff will handle the operations, maintenance, and crowd control in the booth. We also make sure our staff has engaging ideas that add entertainment to the pictures your guests are taking.  This takes all of the stress off of you and allows you to enjoy the party.

Photos are Memories

The best memories of a party come from the photos that capture it. Not only will your guests be able to take home the photos they took at the party, but all of the party photos taken can be emailed out to your guests. This adds additional engagement and laughter the next day as the guests look through the photos throughout the night. Typically they start very professional and end with people being very silly. These photos can be uploaded to social media where they will live on, long after your party is over.

Good For Marketing

Corporate events are made to be fun, but companies are always looking for content and a way to get their brand recognized. If that is the case, you can incorporate your products into the design of the booth, which makes it a sound marketing strategy. The photos that your guests take home can have the brand of your service or product that you want to market. When these photos are shared over different platforms, your brand name and message will reach more people, far beyond your current sphere.

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