Outside-the-Box Corporate Photo Booth Ideas

Photo booths are fun to interact with people and make good memories together. They provide a joyous and exciting atmosphere that helps you commute with people and form connections. Following the corporate photo booth ideas, a part of your business event will boost the excitement of your attendees. Corporate Photo Booth Ideas Photo booths vary […]

How to Do the Viral TikTok Photo Booth Trend?

A blast from the past is what current trends are all about. Bringing back trends from the 90s, be it in fashion or content, the 90s will always stay on top. Recently a TikTok photo booth trend has taken the app by storm. It is a moody, vintage trend that captivates the viewer’s attention and […]

5 Best Photobooth Trends to Explore

Photobooths have been the most fun and easy spots to click photos and make memories. Hanging out with friends, you suddenly spot a photo booth, enter and click cute photography together, and capture the laughs at the hilarious joke your friend cracked. In the 2000s, mobile phones evolved into smartphones, and cameras became integral. Eventually, […]