Things a Modern Photo Booth Can Do

When most people think of a traditional photo booth they think of a simple device that takes pictures. Sure, the modern photo booth still takes pictures…but it also does so much more! At SnapShot AZ, we always stun our clients with how many options our photo booths have. Let’s take a look at five really cool advances the modern photo booth has made.

  1. Digital Photos

Traditional photo booths were all about the physical print. Sure, people still love to get pictures they can hang on their fridge, but nowadays it is all about the digital photo. With a digital print, your guest can access their pictures right away and share them to their social media account.

Digital prints are also great for our clients because they receive backup digital copies of all of the images taken in the booth during their event!

Depending on which booth you rent, digital images are shared via flash drive, Dropbox account, or designated share site.

  1. Video Messaging

Pictures are a great way to remember an event, but video is an even more advanced way to do so. Our booths not only take pictures, but they’re also equipped with video messaging capabilities, too! This way your guests can speak to you and you will have those memories forever. Video messages work great for corporate events, too. Collected footage of your client’s testimonials can be used in your social media marketing.

  1. Text or Email Digital Photos

The best part about digital photos is there are endless copies for everyone. With our Digital photo booth, skip the print-out and have the image sent directly to your phone or email. For a fun surprise or to show them what they are missing, you can even send the digital photos to people not at the party.

  1. Boomerang Gifs

Boomerangs are a fun way to be silly in a moving photo. They also are really catchy on social media.

Do a silly dance with your bridesmaids, cheers a drink with your best friend, throw that bouquet in the air! Now just text or email it to yourself, post on your Instagram page, and watch those “likes” roll in.

  1. Email Collecting Capabilities

We saved the best for last. Technology has come a long way and the best show of this is the capabilities for the photo booth to collect emails for our clients. As soon as someone sends themselves a digital photo it is collected for you and put into a file you can have at the end of the event. These email lists are great for businesses trying to grow their email capabilities.


People have always loved photo booths because they are a fun part of the event. However, with this modern technology they have become much more interactive and an asset to the client putting hosting the party.

If you are in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, or Chandler area give SnapShot AZ a call or email for a free quote!



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