Locally Owned and Operated Photobooth

Snapshot Photo Booth has been providing amazingly good fun at events since 2013!

Oh My How We Have Changed Over The Years! The photo booth industry went from the Traditional Enclosed photo booth to so much more today and you will get a company that has stayed up with the times. We are a local women owned business that specializes in providing an experience you won’t forget.

You can still book an enclosed photo booth but we have expanded that style to meet the needs of all the contemporary venues and social sharing attributes. Since opening we have grown our company into multiple booths and a staff of amazing people. Our opened aired style of photo booth can accommodate any job, look or vision. You can get the elegant white wedding look or to the contemporary sleek black look.

Newest to our family of photo booths is the neon party booth. Deck out with flashing lights and adjustable heights. No more tiny photos of the kids in the booth. Our new booth will adjust to their height and get your pooch in the photo too! We love our job and we love being there for you!

You will get an amazing team that is there to aim to please and provide the most exciting and fun experience for you and your guests. You will always get a staff that prides itself on our customer service with high-quality photos, and our large interactive photo booths. Looking forward to hearing about your next party needs!
Meet The Team
A long with her oldest granddaughter was our first employee, Layne has moved on up to college and Skyler has replaced her in our photo booth world. Kristy is a health care professional so helping you have as much fun as you can is her first priority.
Seasoned veteran of our photo booth company has her own travel company, loves the outdoors and has excellent customer services skills. She loves the business and is always there for us, when she is not out of town.

He joined our team at the being of 2019, and has become the pro of all our booths. Richie loves the photo Booth business so much he has now taken up photography in his spare time. If you want something unique and fun at your event, something out of the norm to wow your guest and you, Riche is the man for the job!

He joined our team last year and has fit right in with being one of the most fun-loving guys out there. He too loves the outdoors and does personal training in his day job to make people happy and healthy.

Mike has become a seasoned pro of our photo booth business getting trained on some of our biggest and best yearly events.

The tallest of the team standing at 6’4″. Music is in his background and loves performing on stage. Kyle has enjoyed working events so much he has recruited his wife to join him on the job. The pair make the prefect combination at any wedding

Mikey is the man for fun and great interaction with all the guest.  Nobody will be left out at the party with Mikey on the job.  He loves the kids, great with the guest and is known for setting up some of the best shots.

Mikey works with a couple of other Dj companies so you may see up on one of your events, if you do give him a shut out!

Tatiana is the newest member on our team, she has only been with us for a few years. Kyle and Tatianna work as a team providing amazing service and the best scrapbooks in town. Tatiana is in Dentistry so she is always helping to provide everyone with an award winning smile!

She is the youngest of our team. She has a passion for photography and loves spending her free time making people happy and have fun with the photo booth.

I am the owner, marketing, and sales team of the business and on occasion your photo booth attendant. If it’s far in mileage I’m your staff. I love to travel outside the valley to get out of the heat and visit all the best venues.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me you know I love my job. Theater and photography are my backgrounds and what better way to mix the two than a photo booth company.